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Reggae Gospel Music ArtistReggae gospel music was but a whisper as Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and James Brown were making history in the United States during the 1950s.  On the isle of Jamaica, another breed of music was being uncovered, known as reggae.  A mixture of jazz, blues, and played with an offbeat rhythm; this style was the buzz in the Tropics.   With a sprinkling of joy and love to God, the Creator, Reggae Gospel music genre was formed.  Today, the appreciation of Reggae Gospel music has captured worldwide attention of music lovers.  The old idea that religious music has to be traditional and steadfast in bringing across its meaning, is gone.

Gospel music is evolving into a fresh, new alternative in promoting Christianity, with reggae emerging in the forefront.  If you have a passion for Christian music artists, and the great sound of reggae, here are a few artists to check out.

Monty G Leads the Pack in Gospel Reggae Music

Monty G is a well-known name that has been bringing vivid, influential hope with his reggae gospel music.  His lyrics and song have been transforming listeners to a better way of life since forming Lion's P.R.I.D.E. in 1997.  A flurry of new sounds began to emerge and Monty G was soon on his way to fame with tunes such as:

  • He Saved Me (single)
  • New Millennium Order (single)
  • God's House of Flava (album)
  • Voice of the Youth (album)

Monty G and the Lion of of Judah Music Group (LOJMG) have toured such places as Canada, the US, Bermuda, and Trinidad.  The group continues to focus on spreading gospel hip hop in new areas through concerts and dance halls.

Christian Reggae Music Shines Bright through Mr. Lynx

Coined 'the Singing Prophet', Andrew E. Cartwright was born in 1980 and knew he had a special gift by the age of six.  Christians and soul-searchers, alike, find themselves drifting to his upbeat message of turning your back on wickedness.  A promising songwriter and musician, Mr. Lynx is best known for singles like:

  • Jamming
  • Shine your Light
  • No Idol God
  • Hold Me in your Arms

Monty G is partially credited for creating the title name, "Mr. Lynx", in his reference of Cartwright small size, like a lynx.  The name stuck after some research into the nature of this wild animal.  Small, yet vicious, as this performer is when it comes to fighting evil.

TJ Cross & The Bridge goes International

'The Prophet Hour' is a great place to catch a glimpse of TJ Cross and his electrifying team, as they grab the international community with the presence of God.  Freedom from despair of the world and learning why struggle is actually a gift, TJ delivers hope and joy.  Born to parents of the ministry, and prominent musicians, the young TJ Miller, from Georgia, has a natural ability for making a lasting impression on the youth of today.  Favorite top-hit tunes include:

  • Rain on Me
  • Follow you Blind
  • Domestic Violence

Dre Marshall Spreads Truth through Experience

A great poet or storyteller can hypnotize an audience with words and poise.  Few are blessed with this natural gift, but Dre Marshall is one of them.  Christian music artists are wide-eyed with fascination when Dre shares his expertise among such recording stars as Canton Jones and Kurtis Blow.  You will find no bleeding heart sympathy from Dre Marshall as he drives home the reality of life in fiery truth and strong life issues.

Rapping has been transformed to a poetic reggae gospel music, without frills, by this Rochester, New York-born artist that delivers amazing strength of rhythmic, soul-searching true stories.  Some of his finest work includes:

  • DOPE
  • Call 'em Out
  • Welcome to Room 8-1-9
  • Worthy 2 B Praised
  • Whoa

Feeding the community with positivity is one of the most important challenges that Dre Marshall has to face in today's culture.  Through hard work and knowing he has a voice that can deliver, he is making great strides through the tough streets.

Reuben Heights Performs for God

Coming from a single parent home, shared with three brothers, Reuben Heights had little to look forward to.  Blessed with a smooth, enchanting voice, he began winning talent shows at the age of 13.  While performing to a crowd in his native Bahamas, a special person was in the audience.  To many, this visitor was Monty G, a stroke of luck for Reuben Heights.  But to Heights, it was the presence of God, telling him to take his talent to higher levels.  Since that day, Reuben has performed at New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore, the Cayman Islands, and several other places that never seemed possible.  Performing with Monty G is still a large part of his life in leading young people everywhere to hope and Christ.

All of these artists have been given an opportunity that few ever see.  The are part of Lion of Judah Sounds (LOJ), where Kenny G heads as CEO.  This is a small sprinkling of the known names that belong to this production company that is made up of christian music artists.  Their message is simple, to inspire and motivate young people through the rich tone of music and creative artists.  Other reggae gospel music artists include:

  • DJ Frost
  • Yankee
  • Dangerous
  • Judah Flex
  • Divinity
  • Bruce Hype
  • KOK
  • Jizlo

As the team of positive professionals continues to grow, more and more people are going to be introduced to a more positive way to live.  The fan base has already expanded by thousands from Europe, the Caribbean and the United States.  The production collaborations of reggae gospel is entering a new dimension, with followers able to find real purpose in life.

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