The Evolution of Reggae Gospel Music


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Being a Christian nowadays is totally different from 50 years ago. Nowadays, Christians have a modern style of life and they’re allowed to listen to the kind of sound they like while giving thanks & praises. In the past, reggae gospel had a more religious role; now, it has been modernized and sang worldwide not just by Christians.

  • Reggae Gospel - a genre that will never die

There is a sense of vintage about true Reggae, but they say it’s just like wine: the older it is, the better. Names like Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown are known for their legendary tracks that make any dancehall rocking. You might be surprised to hear that this amazing musical genre represents a passion for a lot of people. Usually, when they become Christians, the first thing Caribbean people look for is the reggae gospel Music.

In the mid nineties, you didn’t have a wide range to choose from and some of the material was actually dire. This has changed over the last years when high profile artists decided to become Christians. Among them you can find Papa San, Stitchie, Monty G and Chevelle Franklyn. Not to mention that a famous Jamaican female vocalist, Sasha, who used to sing with great artists like Sean Paul has just become a Christian and is preparing to release some great tunes.

The evolution of Reggae Gospel Music

Thus far, reggae gospel has evolved a lot and many new albums have been released over the years; addicts say that it is pretty hard to keep up with them. Specialist websites are available now and online stores that sell the most recent Gospel Dancehall and Gospel Reggae music can easily be found over iTunes. You can choose between buying songs as downloads or you can go for hard copy CD’s. iTunes and Amazon are big online stores that provide the same things. The number of people interested in this musical genre is increasing permanently.

Even though you might not be a very big fan of reggae gospel music, it is impossible for you not to know names like Bob Marley, Monty G, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown or even Ziggy Marley. Maybe you wonder why there isn’t at least one female name. After a short research online, you may say that on the list of the best 100 Reggae Artists, no females can be found. Why is this happening? There must be some amazing female singers somewhere.

  • Meet the Reggae singers and how it evloved

It is not a rare thing for a genre of music to be dominated by men. The same applies to the Reggae music industry. This might happen due to the rough male dominated society of Jamaica where Reggae has actually evolved. Also, reggae gospel is sort of a harsh music and strong voices are required in order for the music to be carried and heard. But if you dig a little deeper into this music, you will, for sure, find some tough unique female voices and also strong messages. For example, Rita Marley, Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowat, Bob Marley’s background singers, are now recording artists and solo performers. Actually, Griffiths is the most famous female Reggae singer. Hits like “Electric Boogie” and “Steppinout of Babylon” made her the “Queen of Reggae.”

Tanya Stephens, Etana, Cynthia Schloss, Diana King, Nadine Sutherland, Queen Ifrica and Lady Saw are other famous female Reggae singers. Diana King is well known for combining pop, Dancehall and R&B with Reggae. In 1994, her song named “Shy Guy” became number 2 in the UK singles charts. Etana, known by the public as “The Strong One”, is a component of the new generation of Reggae singers. Her method of singing illustrates a pop and soul music influence whereas remaining rooted in Jamaican music. One of her songs, “Roots”, which celebrates the Rastafarian culture used to be very popular among Jamaican teenagers.

As far as Queen Ifrica is concerned, her style approaches more the roots of Reggae music and her lyrics consist of social commentary. This happens because she doesn’t fear singing about taboo subjects. What is great about Ifrica is that she can sing as a man, a talent she worked really hard to obtain in order to survive and to be heard in a world dominated by men.

If you are looking forward to listening to quality reggae gospel artists, you should start with Monty G, an emerging talent with a strong, powerful and alluring voice. Monty G's music has won tons of Marlin awards and most recent album "King's Highway" top the iTune charts debuting at #1 in his genre. He is known as the king of reggae gospel and his songs continue the Reggae tradition of social commentary and positive message. His style is grounded in Roots Reggae, but it also includes African, Jazz, Gospel and other music influences. Monty G is the founder and C.E.O of a young talented group call "LOJMG" Lion of Judah Music Group. Pack with your rising stars folliwing his lead, this up and coming tsunami of talent has changed the face of reggae gospel music forever. Their line up consist of star talent like; Positive, Kristine Alicia, St. Matthew,Yankee, Mr. Lynx, Jay Green and can't forget the famous DJ Frost and a host of other rising talent.

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If you want to learn more about reggae gospel music, there isn't much to read about online from a regular google search but this website goes in-depth about the genre. This genre of music has been over shadowed by its forefather secular reggae music but, reggae gospel artist found a sweet spot without changing the tune but just the message. reggae gospel artist is sure that their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ get all the honor and glory thru their music. The reggae gospel music includes a mixture of sounds from Pentecostal music, gospel solos, traditional gospel, gospel hymns, praise and worship songs and also contemporary choir songs. All these songs represent a celebration of diversity since they combine salsa and Gospel rock reggae into a passionate praise. This combined together has given life to a new genre of music that is dominating the airwaves.